Kindle Top Ramen Joy of Reading offer


Buy Top Ramen and get ₹100 Kindle Credit with Each + Win a Kindle Reader

Great news for Kindle readers. Top Ramen Kindle Offer has been extended till 31st Oct. Just tried it, and it worked.

You can buy a Top Ramen pack (yes even the ₹10/- one) with the offer, message the code on tastemaker to the mentioned mobile, no, and you will get 100 rs kindle credit to your amazon account. A maximum of 3 Promotion Codes can be claimed by each Kindle user. However, you can always use more accounts/family members’ account to get more credit.

Order Top Ramen with Kindle offer from Amazon –
560g – 71 Rs, 280g – 40 Rs…

Multi-packs have multiple coupons , one on each masala sachet
AND if you message through a different Mobile Number, you can still credit it to your Kindle account, even if you have claimed it thrice already. Go crazy 😀 😀 (but try with one coupon first, before buying the warehouse :P)

Do let your Kindle-owning friends know too

How to claim your ₹100 Kindle e-Books promotion credit:

1) An 8 character Kindle eBook Promotion Code is printed on the Tastemaker inside the pack.

2) SMS the Kindle eBook Promotion Code to 9246016161 from your mobile phone.

3) You will receive a reply with a link to the

4) A maximum of THREE (3) Promotion Codes can be claimed by each Kindle user.

5) You can also enter the Kindle Daily Prize contest (“Contest”) to WIN a FREE Kindle e-reader (Contest terms and conditions apply).

Read all T&C here

Redeem your credit from here